Custom Builds

Wood shop addition!

It’s been three years of patiently saving for and investing in wood working tools and some AMAZING lumber stock for building, and I am now ready to take custom orders! Several custom orders are in the works and more are coming in! When would you like your dream guitar made!? Maybe a 5 string bass? Maybe a hybrid mandolin/resonator!?


The possibilities are endless with a custom build! There are many great tone/hard woods to choose from! These woods can be from Pennsylvania, the Pacific Northwest, Canada, South America, Africa, etc! There are so many tonal properties and aesthetics to choose from. Let’s design a guitar that will sound and look a way that fits your style. Let’s make a guitar that truly resonates with you!

All customs will be hand-built made with only the best materials and parts, custom wound pickups, handmade tone caps,etc. Quality will be the number one priority her at Guitarley’s. All prices will vary depending on material cost and design specs, but will start around $2,000 (case not necessarily included) and increase from there, reflecting the material cost and extra touches. I promise to make you the favorite guitar you’ve never had…yet!

Stay tuned for lots of pictures, videos, and blogs about the process of making guitars from scratch! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube ( @Guitarleys) and of Facebook ( /guitarleys )


6 thoughts on “Custom Builds

    • Hey Stephen. I’m so sorry I missed this message somehow! If you’re still looking into that project, it is certainly something that could be done here at the shop!

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