Custom Builds

IMG_7205Have you ever wanted to have a one of a kind guitar built for you? Are you interested in experiencing a guitar made out of superior quality woods and hardware? Are you looking for better tone? Do you want a guitar neck that fits your hand just right? Do want something hand-made in the USA by a passionate artisan? Are you looking for a guitar that stands out and looks unique. Those are questions that I can answer by hand-making you a custom guitar!I specialize in building solid and chambered body electric guitars, resophonic electric guitars, and OM-style acoustic guitars.

lightXBy using only the finest and most beautiful tone woods, top-end after market hardware, boutique pickups, and careful attention to detail, we can achieve a special instrument that will be loved, played, and enjoyed for a lifetime! Each player has an idea of the “perfect guitar” to fit their playing style. You can be directly involved in the process of selecting the best ingredients, design input, pickup and hardware selection, etc.


The possibilities are endless with a custom build! There are so many great tone woods to choose from! These woods can be from Pennsylvania, the Pacific Northwest, Canada, South America, Africa, etc! There are many tonal properties and aesthetics to choose from. Let’s design a guitar that will sound and look a way that fits your individual style. Let’s make a guitar that truly resonates with you!



All customs will be hand-built with only the best woods, hardware, custom wound pickups, handmade tone caps, and finish. Quality will be the number one priority here at Guitarley’s. All prices will vary depending on material cost and design specifications. Please contact to find out more about specific options and cost.



Resophonic electric guitars, known as “resonators”, are a favorite and specialty variety of custom builds at Guitarley’s. I built my first resonator as a 3rd and extra credit instrument while attending Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. My first one built featured a 16″ (flatter) finger board radius with the intention of using it primarily for slide guitar playing. I soon discovered that these unique sounding instruments would be my favorite in recording studios, being capable of so many cool tones, sounds, and textures.

Just about any instrument that can be imagined can be built! Although electric guitars are more typically ordered, other instruments like a 5-string bass, or electric cello have been quite fun to design and build!


I’ve also been commissioned to pay tribute to the classics! If you love the shape of a certain mainstream guitar, one can be made with far superior woods, electronics, and hardware!

Last but not least, acoustic guitars! I built my first one at Luthiery school, and it is the most special of all the guitars I own and play. I have played many, and it still holds up as my favorite. Let me build you one to love as much as I love mine!


I have many satisfied customers that are part of the Guitarley’s custom guitar family! I hope you join in on the fun someday soon!


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    • Hey Stephen. I’m so sorry I missed this message somehow! If you’re still looking into that project, it is certainly something that could be done here at the shop!

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