L.R. Baggs

Guitarley’s is an authorized dealer and installation tech for only the finest pickup systems for your acoustic instruments! If you are looking to electrify your acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, uke and more contact me about getting the best deal on L.R. Baggs pickup systems and pre-amps! For more information about all of L.R. Baggs products visit their website at http://www.lrbaggs.com . I’ll beat competitor prices, professionaly install, or drop ship product from the factory right to your door anywhere in the US! Let me help you get the right pickup for your sound!

I personally use the Anthem System in combination with the Venue DI pedal. I haven’t worked with any other products that sound better! This IS the system of choice for me, but maybe there something more suitedable for you. All of their products are fantastic and meet a range of tonal needs and budget. Enjoy these helpful videos and check out a variety of audio samples at their Soundcloud page!




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