Check out my first music Video!

I’m in the process of recording my next album, which will be a self produced solo project! The songs are coming along nicely, and it’s a great new experience for me too. My good friend and musical colleague, Tyler Spooner ( ) also happens to be savvy with a video camera and film editing program. We have collaborated on a music video! The plan is to start a regional production company for musicians in need of quality media for their portfolios, and even small businesses that need advertising media. It’s a valuable asset to have readily and affordably available. It’s also fun for me to find another musician who wants a similar career model as what I’ve been trying; luthier or videographer by day, and working musicians by night! It’s also the beginning of plans for a greater organization in our region to provide opportunities to musicians, artists, venues, and businesses. Please click on the youtube link, go to my Guitarley’s channel, and check out an all-local production of one of my original song “Sedona”. It was written about my times spent in beautiful Arizona, while attending The Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery ( ). I’m very pleased with how this song is represented by the video.

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